As you should now be aware, our game developer recently exploited the Parabolic game and disappeared. For the security of our community we decided to take the game offline. Due to the current market conditions, we currently have no additional funds to re-develop a new game or to fix the current one.

Trading on Parabolic (all chains) has now been paused and the project will be completely shut down in the first week of November.

After speaking with a group of core Parabolic supporters, we devised the best option to help and compensate the whole community. All users tokens will be migrated into Mind Music at a preferential rate. Below is a roadmap of what's going to happen next...

7th October

At some point before the 7th October all users will be airdropped any staked parabolic tokens and all the earned staking rewards due to them.

8th October

A snap shot of all users Parabolic holdings will be taken and a USD value of those tokens will be given. The USD value will be free of any transaction tax, and the value assigned to the tokens will be the price of Parabolic on September 10th 2022. This is the price parabolic was before the exploit took place and is currently around 2x of todays recorded price

10th October

A short simple google form will be published and you will be asked to fill this out to register your wallet for the migration. This form must be completed by 31st October to quality for the increased value of tokens. Any migration forms filled after 31st of October will be migrated at the USD value on the date of pause.

31st October

Deadline for increase token value migration

1st November

Parabolic liquidity will be migrated into the respective chains on Mind Music

7th November

All users that registered for the migration will be airdropped Mind Music tokens to the values stated above

8th November

Parabolic will close and no more migration requests will be accepted

Please be sure to follow our telegram announcements channel to get access to the migration form and stay up to date