How To Buy

How To Buy

The contract and coin details are provided below. You can purchase Parabolic Token across multiple networks (BSC, ETH, AVAX, FTM or MATIC) using the decentralized exchange (DEX) of your choice. The contract address for our token is the same across all networks. For those of you that are new to crypto, please watch the videos below to learn how to purchase Parabolic on Pancake Swap using BNB on BSC Network. We recommend first time users take the time to learn the processes before purchasing. In the meantime, please contact us on telegram if you have any questions.


Name: Parabolic

Symbol: PARA

Decimals: 9


PLEASE NOTE! You will not be able to purchase parabolic until it launched on the 21st April as per the launch Schedule Below. We strongly recommend you visit out telegram for up to date information.

Launch Schedule 21st April 🚀🚀

22:00 UTC

BSC Launch

22:05 UTC

ETH Launch

22:10 UTC

MATIC Launch

22:15 UTC

FTM Launch

22:20 UTC

AVAX Launch

22:30 UTC

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