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Apr 26, 2022

Game Launch!

🎰Parabolic Game Launch!🎰

The game is only on the BSC network at the moment, but the rest will be added in time.

We have set some limits just for the first few days while we troubleshoot & listen to community feedback.

Minimum Withdrawal: 300,000 PARA

Maximum Bet: 20,000,000 PARA

Parabolic's first game is a unique launch simulation crash game that allows for mid-game cashouts and a chart that both rises and falls! Everyone LOVES launches! Why spend your days looking for 5-10 launches? Parabolic, the game, offers a SAFE launch simulating arena for everyone!

A percentage of the house edge gets burned and properly removed from supply, increasing the tokens value for all holders.


Getting Started:

1. Connect your wallet with the Wallet Connect button.

2. Once connected, click that same button which will now say Manage Account, and click on Wallet.

3. Deposit the amount of Parabolic you wish into Cashier wallet, without decimals or periods.

4. To Withdraw, click the withdraw tab, and select the amount and the wallet to withdraw it to.



-Before each round begins, you can decide how much PARA to bet. Type the number and click bet.

-While the game is running, you can cash out 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% of your initial bet at any time. If you cash out for example, 50% of your initial bag at a 2x, you can take out your initial bet and ride with a moonbag, till you decide to cash out the last 50%.

-Feel free to bet small and play around with the game to get used to it.