At the beginning of each round, players will place their bets by depositing the amount of parabolic token they wish to gamble. As the round progresses the trading chart will be become more and more parabolic increasing the bet multiplier. The aim of the game is to is to cash out before the chart rug pulls (crashes). Gameplay is based on crypto trading charts and is designed to look that way also. To place your bet, you ‘Buy’ tokens and to cash out you ‘Sell’ Tokens

What makes parabolic different to other crash games already released?

There are few things that separate us from other crash games in existence. One of them is a unique feature of our game play that enables you to cash out a percentage of your bet during live play. This will mean that while the chart is running you can cash out 25%, 50% 75% or 100% of your bet at ANY time. Another unique feature of our game play is that that chart will not only rise and then crash, but it can also fall and rise again at random before the rug pull (crash) occurs. Finally, and perhaps the most exciting thing of all is how we will share the game profits with the holders of Parabolic Token.

How does the profit share work?

50% of the profit made from the parabolic game will be burnt to increase the value of the coin for its holders. The remaining 50% of the profits will be held for game liquidity. Having a high amount of game liquidity will ensure winners are always able to be paid out on time.